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hidden Krakow,The memorial in the former concentration camp in Plaszow, seen from Wielicka st.

Hidden Krakow

The hidden Krakow: Off the beaten track In Krakow, apart from the well-known sights and attractions, there are a number of places of seclusion that are hiding away from both tourists and locals. These...

Polish milk bars

The Story Behind Polish Milk Bars

Polish milk bars: Some Background If you’ve done your homework before embarking on a trip to Krakow, you may well have heard of places called milk bars. No, don’t worry, they aren’t some dairy...

Krakow Christmas Markets,Sweet stall at the Christmas market

Krakow Christmas Markets

It’s Christmas time! Krakow during Christmas time is bustling with activity. The whole city glows with white and blue lights. People walk huddled together. The streets glitter in white snow. Everyone is carrying their Christmas...