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Bike Tours – Speciality Private Bike Tours

If your group wants to do something a little bit different, we offer several speciality private bike tours for your group - both in and around Prague and the Czech countryside.

Options include our Night Rambler Tour, a visit to an to Karlstejn Castle or to Vysehrad Castle as well as various themed-bike tours based on the interests of your group – feel free to get in touch with any ideas you may have!

Our private tours can accommodate groups of up to 80 guests and can be conducted in several languages – please email us with your enquiry!

Day bicycle tour to Karlstejn Castle

Our one-day guided bike tour to Karlstejn Castle. 
A trip outside of Prague through the beautiful Czech countryside to a magnificent area of the Czech Republic.

This bike trip takes about 7.5 hours, is moderately difficult and is approximately 32KM (20 miles)

This tour is done privately only and when there are at least 2 paying adults.
Please inquire about prices and tour times here.

Full Description

The bike tour to Karlstejn takes you to the south-west of Prague along the Vltava and Berounka Rivers and through the Czech countryside to the magnificent gothic fortress created by King Karel IV. It was built to house the imperial jewels and his personal collection of holy relics. Karlstejn Castle has a very enchanting feel, and with its monumental architecture it is one of the most-visited castles in Czech Republic.

Our guided bike trip to Karlstejn Castle from the Absolute Prague store in the center of Prague involves about 3.5 hours of biking. Along the way, we will pass through several villages, talking about them as we go and stopping for refreshements Upon our arrival at the small Karlstejn Village (pop. of 800) we stop for lunch in a very traditional Czech restaurant. Here we lock the bikes up and walk for about 15 minutes to the castle grounds. Your Absolute Prague guide will introduce you to the history of the castle as well as the life of Karel IV and will show you around the exterior of the castle. (Guests have the option of taking a guided tour (55 min) of the castle interior (Adults approx. 300Kc, Children, Students & Seniors (200Kc) for more info click here.)

We will return back to Prague by train. Trains depart from Karlstejn to Prague approx every 20 min with the journey lasting only 40 minutes. Our trip ends at the Absolute Prague store around 17:00. For the whole trip, you will be accompanied by a tour guide who will be at your service throughout the day.

Vysehrad City Bike Tour

Trips to Vysehrad Castle are perfect any time of the day.

This bike trip takes about 3 hours, is a comfortable ride and is approximately 15KM (6 miles)

This tour is done privately only and when there are at least 2 paying adults.
Please inquire about prices and tour times here.

Full Description:

Departing Prague from the Absolute Prague store we cycle alongside of the riverside with its panoramic views.

Vysehrad Castle, situated on an eastern hill in Prague's outer area looks over the Vltava River. The castle was built in the 10th century and has pretty much stayed the same ever since, giving you a first-hand look at the way old Prague once was. Located within the castle is the Cathedral of Saint Paul and Peter in which we will visit on the tour as well as the Vysehrad Cemetery. This cemetery has the remains of many famous people from Czech history, and we will tell you all about them on the tour. After our tour, we ride back by bike to the tour center.


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