Rent a bike in Prague from 100 Kč!

Helmets, locks, bungee cords and baskets are always free of charge!

Prague bike rental – Compare all bikes

Bike Types


Quality level

* * * * *

Half Day

350 Kč

Full day, same day return

500 Kč

24 hrs (overnight)

650 Kč

48 hrs (overnight)

1100 Kč

Day Deposit

1400 Kč

Overnight Deposit

2800 Kč

Deposits are cash only and per bike or item

Helmets, Locks and map of Prague is included in the rental price

Bike rental accessories

Rental accessories available:


Rental Info

Baby seat

See bike rental prices

  • All rentals available in male or female models!
  • Rentals come with lock and optional helmet, bungee cords
  • All other rental conditions are posted in store

Helmets (optional)

Free with rental

ABUS bike locks

Free with rental

Night clip lights
(red or white)

See bike rental prices

Bungee cords

Free with rental

Back Rack Basket

Free with rental

Bike Trailer

See bike rental prices


See bike rental prices

Kids' bike

See bike rental prices

Please visit THIS PAGE for detailed information on a bikes, online bike booking and rental information.

Prague bike rental Prague bike rental Prague bike rental Prague bike rental



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