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Who we are

Established in 1999, Absolute Tours offers a full range of tourism services in Central-Eastern Europe. We strive to entertain guests with a range of interactive bike, Segway and walking tours in some of the region's most popular tourist destinations.

Where we operate

We're experts in the CEE region and have operations in Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Bratislava and Vienna. In all the cities we operate in, our tour activities are lead by a team of knowledgeable and highly motivated local guides.

What we do

Our bike, Segway and walking tours help people discover the real heart and soul of a city. With experienced guides at the helm, we show people the major sights and hidden spots through a range of broad interest and niche topic tours where people get to hear interesting stories and learn unique bits of history that only locals usually know.

As well as running tours for the public we have experience with DMC and MICE. Using our wide breadth of experience as one of the longest-operating tour agencies in the region, we can handle all the logistical aspects of private tours groups both large and small. Using our extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources we can cater to any visiting group, no matter the size.

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